Christmas Concert

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At the Christmas Concert, we performed by singing and playing hand bells.  I was so nervous, because this was my first time to join the Christmas Concert in United States. King and James also had solos! Their singing was very good! I am so proud of them! Another thing is that I was sick that day, my throat hurt , and I also had a little bit cough, so I just scared that my cough would cause me trouble. But the concert was very good! That made me happy!



Christmas Parade

Last weekend, the I House went to the Clinton Parade.  It was pretty amazing! People threw tons of candy out.  There was an awesome procession.  It was like the whole town were along the street.  Everyone walked by shouting, “Merry Christmas!” It was a special time for me!



Apple Festival

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Over Labor Day weekend, I went to North Carolina for the Apple Festival with the ihouse people. This is my first time going to this festival.

When I arrived, I though this is so cool!  It’s just like a party. There were so many people  there!  There were people there of all ages.

Since I am the only girl in the IHouse, Bethany thought it would be fun to invite Lincy to hang out with me. She is a Laurens Academy graduate that is back here to attend college at PC. It was nice to have someone to speak Chinese with.

At the festival, we went to shopping and I bought clothes.  It was so busy and hot at the festival. When we came to a corner, some people  asked me do I need water?  I said yes I need some water , they will give me,  and I am so astonished that is that free!






I went skiing in Monday and it was awesome! I liked it so much because it was my second time seeing snow and my first time skiing it was great seeing it again! I loved it. I went to Wolf Ridge Ride Resort. It is really beautiful and big. I am so glad I went there. I went to the big hill a hundred times and I just fell once. I was so scared the first time that I went to ride the ski down the big hill, because it goes so fast. You just go and go! I had a great time in there. Going there was one of my best days in my life! I enjoyed it so much I hope I go again so soon 🙂

Skiing 2


My parents coming to South Carolina

It was great seeing my family on Christmas break, I enjoyed every time I get to see my family. We stayed in my aunt and uncle’s house near Gray Court. My Christmas present from my parents was a trip to Disney. It was great because we have never went to Disney and I was waiting this time for so long I was so excited. We road a lot of rides and the castle was my favorite part of Disney. We had so much fun there. We also went to Universal Studios. We stayed there through New Years. It was wonderful having New Years in there. We stayed in Orlando for five days and we went to many places that we wanted to visit. When we came back from Orlando my parents visited my school before going back to Mexico. It was so much fun staying with my family I can’t wait to see them again!

Shopping on weekends!

In I House, every weekend we go to Greenville for shopping. We go to the mall and buy some clothes. Boys like to buy shoes and the clothes for sports. Girls buy clothes and cosmetics. We usually spend two hours shopping at mall. Then we go to the Asian store. It is a place that we can buy some food from China . We usually buy some noodles and drinks . I love it there! Also we go to Whole Foods after that . My host family mother Ashely buy fruit sushi and the food for next week. I always buy a strawberry cake. That is really good. Sometimes we buy Starbucks. Then we come back home and enjoy what we buy today. It is feel so happy!

So this is our shopping day! I love that.

american (LA) vs. german (GB) school

  • First day at school:
    • America: Long time to sit in the gym, the headmaster talks and after that we go                      through the classes and hear what we will do this year
    • Germany: Long time to sit in the church the pastor tells us that this year will be                   great and that the world is wonderful. After that we stand in front of the                   school building and wait for the teachers picking us up to the rooms
  • School stuff:
    • America: two binders, paper and a few pencils
    • Germany: A binder for every class, sometimes an extra book and special pencils!
  • Cellphone:
    • Americans: NO PHONE AT SCHOOL!!!!
    • Germany: WE are allowed to use the phone in a special area and usually we are allowed to hear music in art and often the students play games on their phones secretly
  • Students-pranks:
    • America: Senior prank: But I heard It is not allowed anymore because a few years ago they made something mad with fishes
    • Germany: Abistreich:
      The old students run through the students-crowds before school and shoot us with a water gun. And they make a mess of the school building. Last year they covered all in the school with fake spiderwebs.That was cool