James Surgery

图片可能包含:一人或多人和一群人站着  James Yiren, a junior at Laurens Academy, loves to play football but recently had an injury that required surgery.  We knew during his last game when he lay down on the ground that he was hurt.  

 The doctors said he need a surgery because he damaged his Cruciate ligament. The surgery was on October 17th and went well. James was back at school the next week. He still needs somebody to help him walk and carry his books.  He was very upset to miss the rest of the football season but we are all glad he is doing better.


Making Soap

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In Physical Science class with Mrs. Sampson, we tried making soap. She brought in the supplies such as sesame oil, sodium octadecanoate and the molds.

We divided into three groups to make our soap. Mrs. Sampson heated the water. The first group added their oil and it smelled great. The next groups oil didn’t smell as nice as ours.  Next, we added our colors to make it look nice enough where someone would buy it.

When we put it in a metal bowl, it melted together and looked like milk.  Once we started adding the color, really looked like chocolate milk. We then added a little bit red rose color and it began to look like soap. We put the mixture in the mold and put them up to allow them to cool.

The next day, we went to check on our soap.  It didn’t look store bought but had a great smell!


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The International House, I-House, has started something new this year.

We are going to workout at Crossfit in Clinton. The location is convenient because it’s near to our house just across the street. We went there and meet our trainer. Her name is Janice. She is very nice but looks strong and powerful.

During our first workout, we did squats. We suffered. It was really tough because we had to keep doing it for 15 minutes. After that,we ran. Then she made us do other torturous exercises. The next day, everyone was so sore! Our legs really hurt, but I know this is good for our body.

We have gone back a few times since.  The workouts are getting a little easier each time and we are starting to enjoy it more!

First Pep Rally At Laurens Academy

Pep rallies are a gathering of people, typically students of middle school and high school students before a sports event. The purpose of such a gathering is to encourage school spirit and to support members of the team for which the rally is being thrown.

My first pep rally at Laurens Academy was so cool! Games, Cheer, Yell out, It was so lively!

Cheer leading performances are very exciting, they are very dynamic! Everybody in the gym are enjoying the pep rally!

Football teams are full of power, ready for the next game to show how good their teamwork and their strength!

The first pep rally in here amazed me! Even it’s a little bit loud but I defiantly felt people’s happiness!



First Image of I-House

When I first arrive at I-house, I been amazed. There is a large piece of grass that surrounds the house.With the wind blowing my face, everything seems so quiet peace and beautiful. It was such a beautiful view.  It’s so comfortable for me! I can play soccer or just lie down enjoy this nature environment~

The I-house is extremely big and nice. It has: Boys bedrooms,Living room, kitchen and Girls bedroom. Each room is carefully decorated and filled with warmth.


Christmas Concert

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At the Christmas Concert, we performed by singing and playing hand bells.  I was so nervous, because this was my first time to join the Christmas Concert in United States. King and James also had solos! Their singing was very good! I am so proud of them! Another thing is that I was sick that day, my throat hurt , and I also had a little bit cough, so I just scared that my cough would cause me trouble. But the concert was very good! That made me happy!



Christmas Parade

Last weekend, the I House went to the Clinton Parade.  It was pretty amazing! People threw tons of candy out.  There was an awesome procession.  It was like the whole town were along the street.  Everyone walked by shouting, “Merry Christmas!” It was a special time for me!